The island of Kauai is home to the wettest spot on Earth. The average yearly rainfall on Mt. Waialeale is about 397 inches (10 m).

Kauai is home to Waimea Canyon, also known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” It measures about 3,000 feet (914 m) in depth and 12 miles (19.3 km) in length.

Kauai is the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. It’s over six million years old.

Kauai is the northernmost island in the Hawaiian chain and is the most isolated inhabited land mass in the world.

By Hawaii law, no building on Kauai is allowed to be built taller than a palm tree.

The official color for the Island of Kauai is purple.

Kauai Coffee is the largest coffee plantation in the United States.

Kauai is the legendary home of the Menehune, a mythical race of very small people who preformed legendary “magical” feats of construction and engineering, oftentimes overnight.

Kauai has the only navigable rivers in the State of Hawaii.

Nearly 50% of Kauai′s 111 miles of coastline are lined with beautiful beaches.

Kauai is the only Hawaiian island without the mongoose.

97% of the Island of Kauai is used for agriculture and conservation.

Capitan Cook made his first landing in the Hawaiian Islands at Waimea Beach on Kauai.

Some of the rugged cliffs along the Na Pali Coast reach heights of over 2,500 feet.

Move than 70 movies have been filmed on Kauai including Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tropic Thunder, and more.

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